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Our Process

With over 10 years of hands-on knowledge and experience, we provide entrepreneurs and businesses a selection of tailored services to craft and implement effective online marketing campaigns and go-to-market strategies for physical or digital products.

We work with you to identify, clarify, and locate your ideal audience and understand their pain points. This will help you to better understand your buyers and what they truly care about, having your product(s) take them to their desired outcome, ultimately leading to a successful campaign.

We help you to know and understand your market and their buying behaviors online; where you can best reach them, and how to create the strongest product market fit while converting as many into customers as possible.

We take the following information regarding your product and ideal customer to build what we call a “conversion engine”. This “conversion engine” works to attract potential customers that match your ideal customer profile, and convert them like crazy into paying customers, up to 20-30% more than the traditional website for less than half the cost while also giving you the ability to keep and segment their information for targeted, remarketing.

These conversion engines are a combination of our service offerings and have produced hundreds of thousands in online sales revenue.


What We Help With

About Us

Daniel Pope

“Hire A Team That Will Stand With You 100%”

Creative and Innovative are the words that describe Daniel Pope.

Native to Memphis, TN, he is no stranger when it comes to building businesses. Starting in service-based industries, online sales (eCommerce) became his main focus.
Discovering the online process and programs that made these things possible became the passion.
From his many years experience in digital marketing, he fully understands the tools and technology that allow for advanced online marketing campaign development.
He uses his creativity and analytics know-how to help others grow their business, increase sales, and generate new clients at an accelerated rate.


This team has been of great value to ours by providing social media and funnel building consulting for our digital products and books. 

- Don Hutson, TN, Speaker & Owner of U.S Learning

Before Helpful Place Marketing, we were looking for solutions to increase our e-commerce sales and tried things like social media marketing and advertisements but had little success. After talking to these gentlemen, they quickly went to work building a “sales funnel” for us by creating a value ladder for several of our products. When they launched the campaign we did over $8,000 in a week! Not only that but during the campaign we increased our reach, grew our audience, and captured 800 new emails! We are now working on our affiliate program.

- Amy Howard, TN, Owner Of AmyHowardAtHome.com

Daniel and Preston have been attracting new leads to me daily, thanks to their quick implementation and expertise with Facebook Ads. They communicated with me every step of the way, and worked with me until we came out with a solid funnel and ad campaign to test. My cost per lead right now is very reasonable, and I’m confident it will only improve. Overall, they’re great to work with and I recommend hopping on board with them if you’re looking for some pro’s to drive more leads to your business at a reasonable cost. 

- Jon Reyes, CA, JonReyesCopywriter.com
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